Selecció candidatures mobilitat Erasmus+ (Curs 2022/23)
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In our school we strongly believe that it is a good challenge for our institution to promote and to participate in the organization of European mobility projects. We think that mobility projects and experiences as a part of our curriculum are valuable opportunities to help developing the competences of the student and teachers.


The possibility of sharing experiences with people from other countries is also a source of motivation for both teachers and students, having a positive effect on the school.


The Purpose

In the educational project document of our school we have established the feeling of participation in European programs. Mostly because we believe in an opened and international education

We are pleased to offer to our students the opportunity of personal experiences in other European countries and develop their sense of European identity and promote their ability to adapt and accept the economic and social changes taking place in Europe.


Mobility activities

  • To further expand and maintain international collaborations with educational institutions.
  • To expand the introduction of English courses at all our educational levels. Our ambition is that every course should offer English or bilingual English/Catalan activities.
  • To increase the mobility of outgoing students and staff.
  • To start the mobility of incoming students and staff.
  • To set up an integration framework between International and Catalan students.


Certificat Carta Erasmus 2021-2027

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Erasmus policy statement

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Erasmus charter for higher education